msDesc (hendiAll)



<msDesc> (manuscript description) contains a description of a single identifiable manuscript or other text-bearing object such as early printed books.

          <repository>Bodleian Library</repository>
          <idno type="Bod">MS Poet. Rawl. D. 169.</idno>
            <author>Geoffrey Chaucer</author>
            <title>The Canterbury Tales</title>
            <p>A parchment codex of 136 folios, measuring approx
              28 by 19 inches, and containing 24 quires.</p>
            <p>The pages are margined and ruled throughout.</p>
            <p>Four hands have been identified in the manuscript: the first 44
              folios being written in two cursive anglicana scripts, while the
              remainder is for the most part in a mixed secretary hand.</p>



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