incipit (hendiAll)



<incipit> contains the incipit of a manuscript or similar object item, that is the opening words of the text proper, exclusive of any rubric which might precede it, of sufficient length to identify the work uniquely; such incipits were, in former times, frequently used a means of reference to a work, in place of a title.

<incipit>Pater noster qui es in celis</incipit> <incipit defective="true">tatem dedit hominibus alleluia.</incipit> <incipit type="biblical">Ghif ons huden onse dagelix broet</incipit> <incipit>O ongehoerde gewerdighe christi</incipit> <incipit type="lemma">Firmiter</incipit> <incipit>Ideo dicit firmiter quia ordo fidei nostre probari non potest</incipit>



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