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Why are not all of Henze’s works in the database?

Bei Henze-Digital sind derzeit nur Datensätze online, die im Kontext der edierten Korrespondenz relevant sind. Eine umfassende Liste der Werke bietet die Hans Werner Henze-Stiftung an.

What does the “data origin” indication mean in the people tab view?

All persons marked with “HenDi” come from the Henze-Digital database; data marked otherwise is third-party data that has been included in the system.

Why can’t I click on some preview windows in the search or in the tab?

This should only be the case for bibliographic objects. Here, no individual representation exists yet.

Why do person tooltips sometimes appear with an ahistorical name or title in relation to the context location?

The tooltips that can be displayed are generic, i.e. the same preview is generated for each mention of a person. Therefore, unfortunately, sometimes the phenomenon occurs that at the time of the mention, unmarried women are mentioned with their later married name, or that princes appear as regents.

Where can I find the TEI schemas for the files?

The TEI schemas are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) and are freely available on GitHub.

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