collation (hendiAll)



<collation> (collation) contains a description of how the leaves, bifolia, or similar objects are physically arranged.

<collation>The written leaves preceded by an original flyleaf, 
conjoint with the pastedown.</collation>
	  <formula>1-5.8 6.6 (catchword, f. 46, does not match following text) 
	  7-8.8 9.10, 11.2 (through f. 82) 12-14.8 15.8(-7)</formula>
	  <catchwords>Catchwords are written horizontally in center 
	  or towards the right lower margin in various manners: 
	  in red ink for quires 1-6 (which are also signed in red 
	  ink with letters of the alphabet and arabic numerals); 
	  quires 7-9 in ink of text within yellow decorated frames; 
	  quire 10 in red decorated frame; quire 12 in ink of text; 
	  quire 13 with red decorative slashes; quire 14 added in 
	  cursive hand.</catchwords>



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