div (hendiVar)

<div> (text division) contains a subdivision of the front, body, or back of a text.

xml:id opt
(identifier) provides a unique identifier for the element bearing the attribute.
xml:lang opt
(language) indicates the language of the element content using a tag generated according to BCP 47.
<p> … The consequences of
	  this rapid depopulation were the loss of the last
	  <foreign xml:lang="rap">ariki</foreign> or chief
	  (Routledge 1920:205,210) and their connections to
	  ancestral territorial organization.</p>
type mwa
characterizes the element in some sense, using any convenient classification scheme or typology.
Possible values
(Abstract) short summary at the beginning of a chapter/section.
(Frequently Asked Question) short question with answer.
(Bibliography) a list of related literature.
        <div type="part">
          <head>Fallacies of Authority</head>
          <p>The subject of which is Authority in various shapes, and the object, to repress all
          exercise of the reasoning faculty.</p>
          <div n="1" type="chapter">
            <head>The Nature of Authority</head>
            <p>With reference to any proposed measures having for their object the greatest
            happiness of the greatest number [...]</p>
            <div n="1.1" type="section">
              <head>Analysis of Authority</head>
              <p>What on any given occasion is the legitimate weight or influence to be attached to
              authority [...] </p>
            <div n="1.2" type="section">
              <head>Appeal to Authority, in What Cases Fallacious.</head>
              <p>Reference to authority is open to the charge of fallacy when [...] </p>



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