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Apollo Belvedere, c. 120–140 CE (Source: Wikimedia)
Apollo, God of Light, Eloquence, Poetry and the Fine Arts with Urania, Muse of Astronomy (1798) by Charles Meynier (Source: Wikimedia)
Apollo, fresco from Pompeii, 1st century AD (Source: Wikimedia)
Apollo seated with lyre. Porphyry and marble, 2nd century AD. Farnese collection, Naples, Italy. (Source: Wikimedia)
Apollo's sculpture, Palazzo Giusti Verona, Mannerism art with typical Contrapposto (Source: Wikimedia)
William Birnie Rhind, Apollo (1889–1894), pediment sculpture, former Sun Life Building, Renfield Street Glasgow (Source: Wikimedia)
The Omphalos in the Museum of Delphi (Source: Wikimedia)
Apollo Victorious over the Python by Pietro Francavilla (1591) depicting Apollo's victory over the serpent Python[62] (The Walters Art Museum). (Source: Wikimedia)
Ornamented golden Minoan labrys (Source: Wikimedia)
Illustration of a coin of Apollo Agyieus from Ambracia (Source: Wikimedia)
Columns of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, Greece (Source: Wikimedia)
Oracular tripod. (Source: Wikimedia)
Delos lions (Source: Wikimedia)
Partial view of the temple of Apollo Epikurios (healer) at Bassae in southern Greece (Source: Wikimedia)
Temple of the Delians at Delos, dedicated to Apollo (478 BC). 19th-century pen-and-wash restoration. (Source: Wikimedia)
Temple of Apollo Smintheus in Çanakkale Province, Turkey (Source: Wikimedia)
Floor plan of the temple of Apollo, Corinth (Source: Wikimedia)
Floor plan of the temple of Apollo, Syracuse (Source: Wikimedia)
Floor plan of the Temple of Apollo at Bassae (Source: Wikimedia)
Temple of Apollo, Didyma (Source: Wikimedia)
Plan of the Temple of Apollo (Pompeii) (Source: Wikimedia)
Leto with her children, by William Henry Rinehart (Source: Wikimedia)
Leto holding Apollo, by Lazar Widmann (Source: Wikimedia)
Leto with Apollo and Artemis, by Francesco Pozzi (Source: Wikimedia)
Latona and the Lycian Peasants by Joshua Cristall (Source: Wikimedia)
Apollo victorious over the Python, by François Gaspard Adam (Source: Wikimedia)
Python pursuing Leto and her children, engravings on wood (Source: Wikimedia)
Apollo killing the Python, by Hendrik Goltzius (Source: Wikimedia)
Phoebe gifts the oracular tripod to Apollo, by John Flaxman (Source: Wikimedia)
Apollo slaying Tityos, Attic red-figure kylix, 460–450 BC (Source: Wikimedia)

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in der römischen und griechischen Mythologie der Gott des Lichts, der Heilung etc sowie der Künste, insbesondere der Musik, der Dichtkunst und des Gesangs





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