HenDi-WebApp Version 3.1.0



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Version v3.1.0 is a maintenance-release. The aim was to fix some known issues (see HenDi-WebApp v3.0.0). Typos and minor errata found in the edition were also fixed. With this release, a connection point to correspSearch will also be established so that our editions can also appear there in the near future.

New features in the WebApp (selection):

  • New: Restructuring the menu “Indices”
  • New: Setting up the interface for correspSearch
  • New: Facet filter for works (work type/ medium)
  • Fix: Errors in the view concerning whitespace, quotation marks and (line-)breaks
  • Fix: Missing preview for the introductory texts to the correspondence
  • Fix: Sorting of elements and attributes in the guidelines index
  • Fix: Smaller problems and errors in the view

Dennis Ried, Wednesday, March 20, 2024

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